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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Working on the T.V. series - Supernatural

I have been having a great time working on the Supernatural television series. I have been filling in as the Key Hairstylist for 2 weeks now. Jensen Ackels, who plays Dean (the older brother), and I go way back to when we worked together on the Dark Angel series. Jensen has thick, blonde hair so I blow dry the sides flat and the top, front is blow dried straight up. It's styled into a slight fohawk by using American Crew D:fi d:struct. The other lead actor is Jared Padaleski who plays the younger, smart ass brother, Sam. Jared has thick, dry, wavey, course hair. He looks best when his hair is styled in a casual, natural look. Jared's hair looks best when it's not blow dried. Jared needs hair smoothing creams like KMS Hair Play Configure Creme and Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream. I find that with the humidity outside and the hot lights of the studio will make Jared's hair fuzzy. So a little Grooming Creme is applied every few hours.

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1 comment:

webrapper said...

Kudos, Kandace!
Here you have a health and fitness nut who seldom (if ever) does more than add quick eye pencil and mascara before running out the door in the morning READING YOUR BLOG! How remarkable!

You write well...and for sure I can learn from you about makeup, and who knows what else. (I only, after all, see you walking and talking on treadmills at the gym. What you might know--except for what's here: a mystery!)

You're brave accepting "comments" on your blog. I had to give that up on my own. Too many, and too time consuming to answer. After visitors exceeded 10,000, I gave up. That's what I get for "being in the business," I guess.

So, kudos again to you!

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See you at the gym.