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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Do I Remove Permanent Eyelashes?

May 13, 2008
I thought maybe a few of you would want to see this email.

Hi, Kandace.
I'm hoping you can help me. I had lash extensions applied 7 days ago. Just after the aesthetician finished applying them with some type of warm glue, my eyes burned like crazy. It discontinued after approximately 45 minutes and she said I was a great client, that most others cried through the entire process. I am now trying to remove them because there must be more glue on one eye than the other and it is "pinching" my real lashes, irritating my eyelid. I have tried baby oil and baby oil with vaseline. These are not budging. I called the aesthetician and she said she could remove them for me but it would irritate my eyes further and I should "keep using baby oil and they will come off". I have tried for 45 minutes on my left eye and the "glue" is still so dry and hard I don't know what to do. Can you please give me some insight or what I need to buy to remove these??? I would much rather learn to use a kit on my own than have this "hard, dry" feeling at the base of my eyelids. Thank you! Karen in Houston

Hi Karen,
Sorry to here about your mishap. I have also tryed the Permanent glue for eyelash extensions. It usually is made from cyano acyralate (crazy glue) and the stinging and odour is the formaldehyde. It is really harsh stuff.
Make sure you do not try and remove it yourself. You will end up pulling out your own lashes. Then it will take up to 6 months for your lashes to grow back.
Go back to your aesthetician , she will have the proper remover for that type of glue.

Thank you, Kandace.
I called her but she said it would be less painful if I used baby oil and took time removing them myself; she said what she would use to remove them would burn my eyes much more, so . . . . I used ice to attempt to change the poperty of the glue, then baby oil and vaseline for approximately 3-1/2 hours last evening to finally remove the extensions and yes, the vast majority of my previously long lashes. I slept with Locoid Lipocream (a hydrocortisone cream) and Biafine (a topical emulsion) applied to my eyelids and they are still too tender to even attempt makeup.

Do you think, if the majority of my eyebrows did not grow back after plucking them in high school 30 years ago, that my eyelashes may not grow back either? I don't want to panic now, but I am very upset that the aesthetician indicated that humidity, water and oil might cause the lashes to come off; however, in reality, it has actually been a nightmare trying to remove them.

Thank you so much. The glue was simply too irritating to my eyelids and going on the advice of the aesthetician, I have indeed pulled my own lashes out.

Again, thank you for your response, Kandace.


Cyndi said...

I don't know what the aesthetician used but neither a good adhesive or remover should irritate your eyes. The pinching sensation you feel is due to the technician gluing more than one of your natural lashes together. As they grow out, the faster growing lash is pulling on a slower growing lash. Trained technicians are taught to properly isolate so that this does not happen.

Do not try to remove these lashes yourself! I would suggest going to a trained stylist for removal. Not back to the same one who did your initial set. I don't know where you live but you can find a list of trained stylists around the country through the link below.

I work for Xtreme Lashes and have had extensions applied several times throughout my career here. I have also come across many people with experiences similar to yours, unfortunately. It is best to seek out Certified stylists who use known products for eyelash extensions. Hope this helps.

Waller NC said...

I went to a local walmart nail salon to have eye lash extentions put on. They look great but was much discomfort. Three weeks later I still can not remove them . I am a licends cosmotoligist and I have no idea what to do. I have tried everything from peanut butter to olive oil, and lots of vaseline. They still look good but a very painful. Nothing will remove what ever kind of glue that was used.

tonya waller said...

I am from nc and a licensed cosomtologist. I went to a local walmart to have eyelash extention put on. It has been three weeks and I still can not get them off. They look good but are very painful. I have tried peanutbutter to olive oil, and vaseline, and professional glue remover nothing has helped. Tonya from NC

Kandace Loewen said...

It sounds like the eyelash extensins were put on with a Cyano Acrylate formula. Which is similar to Crazy Glue. You will not be able to remove the lashes by yourself. If you attempt to remove the lashes, you will pull out all of your own lashes with it. Then it will take 6 months for your own lashes to grow back. Go back to the place where you got them and have the eyelashes removed or go to another salon that does permanent eyelash extensions. They will have a remover.

Anonymous said...

Your esthetician isn't educated on how to remove your individual lashes. There's a type of lash remover that you would apply after taping/protecting your eyes. You apply the lash remover gently and if done right you don't feel it. The lashes will simply slide off on their own once the remover breaks down the glue. And if your eyes are irritated because of the lashes then the lashes must have been glued too close to the lash line preventing comfort.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody!! I'm soraia, I'm 19, and I love my eyelashes! But i also wish they we're bigger!! I'm thinking about permanet eyelashes!! With your experience, should I put them? thank youuuu xxxx

Anonymous said...

I had eye extensions done today by a certified tech. she used all the same size lashes, each going in different directions, I have glue matted so heavy it's scratching my eye. I'm so upset, and uncomfortable that I will be trying to find someone to remove the mess I have put myself in by trusting this certified tech.
Miserable in Alabama

Anonymous said...

No I don't suggest anyone putting lashes these things hurt and are so uncomfortable! I just had mine done on Saturday and today is Monday & I am online looking do ways to remove them! They are the worse things I've ever put myself through! The "so called" technician glued my top lashes accidentally to my bottom eye line at the end of my eye and they are so hard and dry it hurts to touch them even & it's pulling my eye line! To top it they put perm. Mascara on it with water sealer so NOTHING makes it come off and they are annoyingly heavy on my eye lids I just can't wait for them to come off! This is only good if you go to vacation or something & don't want to go through the hassle but even then only trust a GOOD ONE and as soon as they're done if you feel any discomfort let it be known right then & there before its too late

Andie said...

I had eyelash extension put on just a few days ago and have been trying to get them OFF for THREE days. It was the MOST painful process I had ever gone through in my life! First of all, the girl used a hard lash, not Mink so it feel like pine needles poking at my eyelids. UGH!! At first I tried the eyelash remover they sell at Sally's. It works but it STINGS!! so I gave up and tried face cream, make up remover...EVERYTHING! My eye lids were getting puffy, red and super SORE. Each night I would put oil and warm water on them to soften them up UNTIL I found the answer! I went to the MAC make-up counter and purchased their 100% oil based eye remover. It took 3-4 hours of using a Q-tip and soaking the glue but ALL of the extensions came off and I did NOT lose ANY of my lashes. My lashes are ALL in place but my lids are sore so I could not go into work today...I tell you, it was a flipping nightmare. I'm going back to the strips. There is a new adhesive glue that is only Semi-permenant that I hear is really nice so I'm going to go that route but I will NEVER use individual lashes again...EVER!!! I'm sure they work for some people but they are NOT for me. My eyes are still burning. Get to your MAC counters lady's and then by a box of Q-Tips then put in a good movie and spend the night taking off your lashes...nice and "SLOW" please do not rush or you will lose your lashes.

Anonymous said...

I just had my lashes done yesterday, she put way to many so I look like a drag-queen! Also, I think she used way to much glue. When she was done she asked me to open my eyes but she had glued the eyelids together!! She had to cut some of the lashes so I could open my eyes, and when I looked in the mirror I immediatly freaked out and asked her to take them off.. For two hours she tried but nothing worked. My eyes are very sore, sensitive to light and the glue is clumpy and hard. We tried again today, for 3 hours and then we gave up. Nothing seems to work on this glue, and this looks horrible.. What can I do to fix this, at least so it looks better?

Anonymous said...

You should stop being such a wuss and suck it all up.You should've just gone to the salon and had them removed instead of removing it yourself. Your fear of a little "stinging" caused you to lose most of your lashes in the first place. You should'vee researched and gotten to know the facts before attempting to take them off or even before you attempted putting the lashes on in the first place. .

glamour8r said...

I had my lashes done and they looked beautiful!! I absolutely loved them. I had two fills the first fill after 3 weeks and the second after 4 weeks because I didn't lose many lashes.

Now I am two weeks after the second fill and I am losing a lot of lashes. The girl I went to is going through a personal crisis right now and I don't want to bother her, so I decided to remove them myself.

I used acetone and an eyelash brush to do it. I dipped the brush into acetone and tapped it lightly to get the soaked brush no so wet. Then closed my one eye (tight) and brushed from the top from the base of the lashes down. As the glue softened from the acetone they came off. This takes a while so be patient and be careful not to get the acetone in your eye, close your eyelid very tightly. Be sure to have saline there to rinse your eye well if you get it in the eye. I had a few remaining lashes left and but coconut oil on my lashes and let it sit for a long time while I did other things. I took the lash brush and brushed the remaining lashes off.

Good luck. I can only imagine the mess of glue some of you have or had if the lash extensions were not done correctly.

Kandace Loewen said...

Wow girl, that's such a dangerous thing to do. Using acetone??? You could loose you eyesight.

Anonymous said...

Never ever use acetone near your eyes girls! It's very dangerous. It's strips paint imagine what would happen to your eyes! Mineral oil or oil based removers are the best to get them off. Eylure make a remover called lift off. That works well.

Anonymous said...

wow i feel bad hearing everyones horror storys, mine isnt so bad, i got eyelashes put on two days ago and almost all half on each eye is gone already... thank god the real lashes still appear to be there, if you get these things done DONT get the kind where they attach 3 at once get the one lash at at time kind

Anonymous said...

I had extensions put on Friday evening. The tech applied all before I was able to look at them. They were a bit long but she said if I was unhappy to come back. Saturday morning I called to have adjustments made. By Sunday morning I had already lost a couple (i didnt even wear mascara) She told me she just needed to add a few more but she didnt wanna remove them cuz she just did them. Today is Tuesday and they just dont look like I hoped they would. The tech told me to come back in a few weeks and she would redo them for free.
Now I am skeptical.